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‘AVCON Systems’ has established itself as a premier leading material handling manufacturer, providing state-of-the-art solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

‘AVCON Systems’ is a top-notch material handling manufacturer, known for delivering high-quality equipment to various industries. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a wide range of products to improve efficiency and safety in workplaces.

Company Overview:

‘AVCON Systems’ is a leading name in the material handling industry. They design, engineer, and manufacture top-quality equipment to meet the needs of different industries. By using advanced technology and understanding customer needs, ‘AVCON Systems’ creates products that are reliable and efficient.

‘AVCON Systems’, a renowned material handling manufacturer, has built a reputation for excellence in the design, engineering, and production of high-performance material handling equipment. The company’s expertise spans various industries, delivering customized solutions that address specific operational challenges. By leveraging advanced technology and a deep understanding of industry requirements, ‘AVCON Systems’ ensures that its products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our Product Offerings:

‘AVCON Systems’ provides an extensive array of material handling equipment designed to streamline operations and improve productivity. The product portfolio includes forklifts, pallet jacks, stackers, and more. Each product is meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance, durability, and safety.‘AVCON Systems’ offers a variety of material handling equipment to make your operations smoother and more productive. Here’s an overview of our offerings:

Dock Levelers:

Dock levellers are essential for bridging the gap between a dock and a truck, ensuring smooth and safe loading and unloading of goods. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers various dock levellers, including mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models.

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers: These are manually operated and known for their simplicity and durability. Ideal for moderate loading and unloading activities.
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers: Powered by hydraulic systems, these levellers provide seamless and efficient operation with minimal manual effort. Suitable for high-traffic docks.
  • Air-Powered Dock Levelers: Using air-powered technology, these levellers offer smooth operation and require less maintenance. Perfect for environments where safety and reliability are paramount.
Dock Ramps:

Dock ramps facilitate the easy movement of forklifts and other vehicles from the ground level to the dock. ‘AVCON Systems‘ dock ramps are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions.

  • Portable Dock Ramps: Versatile and can be moved to different locations as needed, providing flexibility in various operations.
  • Stationary Dock Ramps: Fixed in one location, these ramps offer a permanent solution for continuous use in high-traffic areas.
Drum Lifters:

Drum lifters are specialized tools designed for lifting, transporting, and positioning drums safely and efficiently. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a range of drum lifters to handle different drum types and sizes.

  • Manual Drum Lifters: Cost-effective solutions for lifting and moving drums manually, ideal for small-scale operations.
  • Electric Drum Lifters: Powered by electric motors, these lifters make it easier to handle heavy drums with minimal physical effort, suitable for larger facilities.
Floor Cranes:

Floor cranes are versatile lifting devices used in various industrial settings for material handling and assembly tasks. ‘AVCON Systems’ provides robust and reliable floor cranes to meet different lifting requirements.

  • Manual Floor Cranes: Operated manually and perfect for occasional lifting tasks in small to medium-sized operations.
  • Electric Floor Cranes: Equipped with electric motors, these cranes offer more lifting power and efficiency, ideal for continuous use in larger facilities.
Floor Transportation:

Floor transportation equipment includes various tools designed to move materials within a facility safely and efficiently. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a range of products to streamline floor transportation processes.

  • Pallet Jacks: Available in manual and electric models, pallet jacks are essential for moving pallets around warehouses and retail spaces.
  • Platform Trucks: Designed to transport heavy and bulky items with ease, providing a reliable solution for various material handling tasks.
Hydraulic Lifts:

Hydraulic lifts are powerful tools used to lift heavy loads to different heights safely and efficiently. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a variety of hydraulic lifts to suit different industrial applications.

  • Hydraulic Lift Tables: Provide a stable platform for lifting and positioning materials at various heights, improving ergonomics and productivity.
  • Hydraulic Dock Lifts: Designed for loading and unloading goods at docks, these lifts ensure smooth and efficient operation.
Scissor Lifts:

Scissor lifts are versatile lifting devices used to elevate workers and materials to different heights. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers high-quality scissor lifts for various applications.

  • Mobile Scissor Lifts: Can be moved around a facility, providing flexibility for tasks that require elevation at different locations.
  • Stationary Scissor Lifts: Fixed in one location, these lifts offer a stable and reliable solution for continuous lifting tasks.

Stackers are used to lift and stack pallets in warehouses and other storage facilities. ‘AVCON Systems’ provides a range of stackers to meet different operational needs.

  • Manual Stackers: Cost-effective and suitable for light-duty tasks.
  • Semi-Electric Stackers: Combine manual operation with electric lifting, offering a balance between cost and efficiency.
  • Fully Electric Stackers: Powered by electric motors, these stackers are ideal for heavy-duty applications and continuous use.

Industries We Serve:

Warehousing and Distribution:

Efficient material handling is critical in warehousing and distribution operations. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed to optimize workflow, improve productivity, and enhance safety. From pallet jacks to forklifts and order pickers, the company’s products are essential tools for efficient warehouse management.


In the manufacturing sector, material handling equipment must be robust, reliable, and capable of handling diverse tasks. ‘AVCON Systems’ forklifts, stackers, and other equipment are designed to meet the rigorous demands of manufacturing environments, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.


Retail operations require efficient and flexible material handling solutions to manage inventory and streamline the supply chain. ‘AVCON Systems’ provides equipment that enhances operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and ensures the safe handling of products in retail environments.


The construction industry demands heavy-duty material-handling equipment that can withstand challenging conditions. ‘AVCON Systems’ diesel forklifts and other robust machines are built to handle the toughest tasks, providing reliable performance on construction sites.


Logistics operations involve complex and dynamic material handling needs. ‘AVCON Systems’ offers versatile and efficient equipment designed to improve logistics processes, from loading and unloading to transportation and storage.


In the automotive industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. ‘AVCON Systems’ material handling solutions support automotive manufacturing and distribution by providing reliable and precise equipment that enhances productivity and safety.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

‘AVCON Systems’ success as a material handling manufacturer is rooted in its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development to create cutting-edge products that meet evolving industry needs. By incorporating advanced technology and innovative design, ‘AVCON Systems’ ensures that its equipment delivers superior performance and reliability.

Research and Development:

The company’s dedicated research and development team continuously explores new technologies and materials to enhance the performance and durability of its products. This commitment to innovation enables ‘AVCON Systems’ to stay ahead of industry trends and provide customers with the most advanced material handling solutions.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is a top priority at ‘AVCON Systems’. The company implements rigorous quality control processes at every stage of production, from design and engineering to manufacturing and testing. This ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

Customer-Centric Approach:

‘AVCON Systems’ places a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting customer needs. The company’s customer-centric approach involves working closely with clients to develop customized solutions that address specific operational challenges. By providing exceptional customer service and support, ‘AVCON Systems’ builds long-term relationships with its clients.

Environmental Responsibility:

As a responsible material handling manufacturer, ‘AVCON Systems’ is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact through various initiatives and practices.

Energy-Efficient Products:

‘AVCON Systems’ designs its products with energy efficiency in mind. Electric forklifts and other battery-powered equipment reduce emissions and energy consumption, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Sustainable Manufacturing:

The company adopts sustainable manufacturing practices, including the use of eco-friendly materials and processes. By minimizing waste and optimizing resource use, ‘AVCON Systems’ reduces its environmental footprint.

Recycling and Waste Management:

‘AVCON Systems’ implements comprehensive recycling and waste management programs to minimize waste and promote the responsible disposal of materials. The company encourages recycling and reusing materials whenever possible.

Safety and Training:

Safety is a core value at ‘AVCON Systems’. The company is dedicated to providing equipment that enhances workplace safety and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, ‘AVCON Systems’ offers comprehensive training programs to ensure that operators are well-equipped to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Safety Features:

‘AVCON Systems’ incorporates advanced safety features into its equipment, including ergonomic designs, intuitive controls, and robust safety mechanisms. These features help prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of operators.

Operator Training

The company provides extensive training programs for equipment operators, covering safe operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This training ensures that operators are knowledgeable and confident in using the equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall efficiency.

Customer Support and Service:

‘AVCON Systems’ is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service. The company’s dedicated support team is available to assist customers with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Technical Support:

‘AVCON Systems’ offers comprehensive technical support to help customers with equipment setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The company’s knowledgeable technicians are available to provide guidance and resolve issues promptly.

Maintenance and Repair:

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, ‘AVCON Systems’ offers maintenance and repair services for its equipment. Regular maintenance and timely repairs help prevent downtime and extend the life of the equipment.

Parts and Accessories:

‘AVCON Systems’ provides a wide range of genuine parts and accessories to keep the equipment running smoothly. The company’s extensive inventory ensures that customers can quickly and easily obtain the parts they need.


‘AVCON Systems’ stands out as a leading material handling manufacturer, offering a diverse range of high-quality products designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, ‘AVCON Systems’ continues to set the standard for excellence in the material handling industry. Whether you need efficient forklifts, reliable pallet jacks, versatile stackers, or advanced order pickers, ‘AVCON Systems’ has the solutions to enhance your operations and drive success.

By following this structure, ‘AVCON Systems’ can showcase its extensive range of products and services while emphasizing its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This approach ensures that potential customers have a clear understanding of what ‘AVCON Systems’ offers and how it can meet their material handling needs.

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